Making cross-border remittance as easy as sending a message
We Remit meets individual users' needs for cross-border fund transfers - global remittance, collection, and overseas tuition payments can all be conducted in Weixin, as simple as the experience for domestic money transfer.
Fast Transfers
Send and receive funds in as little as 1 minute.
Secure and Compliant
Safe and secure account funds; transparent and traceable remittance progress.
Easy to use
Complete your transaction in just 3 steps.
Remit to the Chinese Mainland
Send funds and notify your family and friends via Weixin or WeChat and they will receive with just a tap
Send money to those you know via the Weixin app - it's easy and secure. Receive with just a tap in the chatbox, no additional app download is needed.
Receive funds in as fast as 1 minute
Secure transfers in as fast as 1 minute, with real-time progress tracking.
Deposit into the Weixin Wallet Balance for flexible usage
Supports multiple payment methods including bank cards and Weixin Wallet balance. When receiving to Weixin Wallet balance, you can easily send red packets, top-up phone credit, or pay your electricity bill.
scan QR code
Receive global remittances with Wexin
Chat and receive money effortlessly with Weixin with just a tap.
We currently support transfers from over 60 countries and regions to the Chinese Mainland
Supported countries/regions
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
Hong Kong, China
Leveraging the Weixin ecosystem, Tencent FiT's technology, risk control, compliance, and big data capabilities. We have created a secure and compliant global payment network to protect the safety of your account.