Empowering local businesses to go global

Leveraging its well-established cross-border payment and settlement capabilities, Tenpay Global Business offers an all-in-one, cross-border solution to businesses worldwide in various industries, including import and export e-commerce, online travel agencies, and more. We empower businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and expand their operations with a peace of mind.
Quick global collection
Experience the convenience of easy account activation, lightning-fast receipt within seconds, with flexible collection options.
Effortless global payment
Tenpay Global supports payment to over 60 countries and regions with our extensive partnerships with global banks. Some transactions can be cleared in less than a minute.
Hassle-free currency exchange
We offer competitive exchange rates through the aggregation of global resources by forming partnerships with renowned international banks.
Offering all-in-one cross-border solutions for global businesses, across diverse use cases
Import E-commerce
Flexible and efficient funds pay-out, worldwide and within China.
Export E-commerce
One-stop funds collection solution to help export sellers expand their global businesses.
Online Travel Agency
Fast and low-cost global clearing and settlement capability with highly competitive exchange rates, enabling online travel partners to access global markets.
Remittance Service
Providing financial institutions with a comprehensive solution for multi-scenario remittances.
Overseas Education
A one-stop payment solution for global educational institutions, making it significantly easier for overseas students to pay their tuition fees.
Six Strengths, Ultimate Cross-border Payment Experience
A wide range of currencies
  • All mainstream currencies supported to help merchants manage short-term foreign currency fund needs.
  • Exchange across different currency pairs.
Complete account management capabilities
  • Track records in the payment business with robust infrastructure in place to meet the needs of various cross-border scenarios.
24*7 availability
  • Funds withdrawal, remittance, and inbound transfers supported around the clock, 24/7.
Quick funds arrival
Receive funds quickly
  • Funds are deposited almost instantaneously into merchants’ domestic accounts.
  • One-click collection of individual users' funds.
Professional team support
  • Professional team to provide end-to-end support.
Competitive exchange rates
  • Connected to multiple banking channels with competitive exchange rates.
  • Low fee rates for inbound withdrawal, helping merchants and individuals to save cost.
Partners of Tenpay Global Business
Integrate with Tenpay Global Business
A dedicated customer service team is available for seamless onboarding
01 Business Discussions
Discussing cooperative intentions and understanding client needs
Experienced account managers will engage with the merchants, discuss cooperative intentions and introduce tailored product solutions based on the specific business needs.
02 Requirement Confirmation
Offering diverse product solutions based on customer requirements
swiftly delivering tailored solutions based on the customer's actual business needs and existing capabilities.
03 Business Alignment
Standardized solutions for quick customer integration
Interfaces can be adapted to various business scenarios for efficient integration.
04 Launch and Go Live
A professional team provides stable and efficient product services
A comprehensive after-sales and operations team promptly addresses concerns, ensuring service stability and efficiency.
Compliance First, Security at Forefront
Qualified in Compliance
Possessing international business compliance qualifications, strictly adhering to relevant legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining close collaboration with global partners and always prioritizing compliance.
Upholding risk control standards
In line with domestic and international standards for compliance, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorist financing, thorough identity verification and due diligence are conducted. Stringent transaction risk control measures guard against financial illegal activities.
Safeguarding the funds
Following bank-grade capital safety standards, all transactions are transmitted through HTTPS secure channels and encrypted with RSA keys to protect your financial security.
Protecting Data Security
Adherence to financial institution data security standards, with numerous security certifications, and multiple encryption measures to protect your information security.